(Video & Flash Quotes) Barcelona Open QF, Rafa’s Press Conference

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20:40h – 28/04/2017

Press Conference: Rafael Nadal (Esp)

“I think overall I played a very solid match, despite a difficult start. It’s always tough to play against someone you don’t know. He had been playing a great tournament, won top players. He was feeling confident, was very fast. He was better than me at the beginning but I was able to come back when we were 3-2 and from then on I was ahead in the game.”

“He’s a very young player who is improving his ranking. If he keeps evolving he has the potential to be a top player.” [On his loss against Zeballos at the Chile Open in 2013]: “He played a really good match and I had just come back after an eight-month injury. It was a very close game but he ended up winning. He’s a very good player and no matter who wins the quarter final match today it’s going to be a very difficult game.”

“I don’t feel more pressure because I’m playing on the Rafa Nadal Court, when I’m playing I don’t think of the name. It’s a great honor for me to be a part of one of the best clubs in the world. I’m proud but there’s no extra pressure.”

“I don’t have a preference regarding the player I’ll face tomorrow, I guess I prefer to play against the one who’ll be worse. I don’t have the power to choose so it doesn’t matter. I’m happy to be in the semifinals, these are important points in the clay season. Every win means more confidence and more points. Tomorrow’s another opportunity to play well.”

“I think I’ve been playing well. It’s true that the conditions were not the best for my game, I prefer warn¡mer weather so that the ball bounces higher. Now that it’s sunny the conditions are better but it’s still cold. I’m happy about the way I’m playing, I think I played a great match yesterday and after today’s difficult start I had a very solid performance. I’m played well in the tie break and was able to react in the most difficult moments.” [On Khachanov]: “I trained with him in Australia and I think he has great potential. I’ve been playing very well in the tournament, he beat two very good players. I think he has the potential to do great things”.

“Murray played a very aggressive match in the second set, the first was clearly dominated by Albert. The truth is, it was a very interesting match. It’s a pity Albert wasn’t able to win when he had the chance in the second set”.

“I saw some videos about Chung, but I wasn’t going to watch three hours of footage because these young players are always evolving.” “Chung had been playing very well and he was great today, he had some chances in the first set. He has a lot of potential and if he does things right he’ll be a great player.”



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