Barcelona Open SF: Rafa’s press conference (Video & Flash Quotes)

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18:50h – 29/04/2017

Press Conference: Rafael Nadal (Esp)

“I didn’t play well today, to be honest. Overall, it was a bad match for me on so many levels, though there was a moment in the first set I wasn’t too bad. The weather conditions affected my game, it was very windy and it kept changing. The rival was tough, he has a great service, he knows how to open the angles. I missed many opportunities at the beginning of the second set. Victories like these, when the conditions are against you, are very important. I’m ready to play way better tomorrow.”

“There’s nothing I can say about Thiem that you don’t already know. It’s not surprising to see him in the final, he has always been one of the favorites to win this title. The match was open and he won because he’s just one of the best players in the world and he was playing on clay, his favorite surface.”

“It’s difficult to score directs points under these conditions with my service. It’s cold and the court is heavy. So I can only try to make the most of my service, try to get a high percentage of first service wins. My last two games were awful, I missed a smash and a volley that were very obvious.”

“The missed smash was just an inexcusable mistake. It was windy but it was totally my fault.”

“Thiem hits the ball with a lot of strength, I think his main asset is his strength and his intensity. It’s very difficult to stop him. He also has a great service. I’ll have to send the ball to the back of the court, try to dominate and open the angles. It’s going to be a very difficult match and if I don’t do my best there’s no way on Earth I’ll win.”

“Every day and every year in this tournament is very special. Barcelona has a lot of history and players really value this and want to win for different reasons. Us Spaniards have been following this tournament on television since we were kids. I have already achieved more than I could have ever dreamed of, being in the final once again is very important for me. I’m very happy about the start of this clay court season, after last week’s victory in Monte Carlo. I hope I’m ready to face tomorrow’s match against one of the best players in the world.” [On his selfie with Zeballos]: “Nowadays social media is everywhere. Horacio has played a great tournament, I know Barcelona is very important for him. For me it’s an honor that someone like him asks for a picture.”

“I was going through some very difficult moments when Horacio beat me in 2013. I remember it was a very narrow defeat. Things got better afterwards, though I was in a lot of pain because of my knee injury. 2013 is one of the most important years in my career for what I was able to achieve despite of the adversities. The conditions back then were totally different from today and I’m happy I was able to win.”


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