Barcelona Open R3: Rafa’s presser (flash quotes)

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18:00h – 27/04/2017

“The weather was rough today, I didn’t know if I’d be able to play, when I woke up it didn’t look like it but I’m happy I was able to play and most importantly, I’m happy about how I played. I played in conditions that I don’t like but I’ve played very well, all things considered. I had a great serve, I was able to make the most of every occasion and I felt comfortable throughout the game.”

“[Zverev] has all the qualities of a great player, he has the potential to become a top player and do great things in life. He obviously needs to work hard and stay humble. If he is, that’s great, if he’s not, I don’t think it really matters because he has the potential to become what everyone thinks he’ll become. But staying with your feet on the ground always makes the road easier. There are many ways to get to the top. I find it strange that he said he came to Barcelona to play against me, I’ve never done that in my life, I don’t think of other players when I’m planning my season. If he wins today’s match he’ll have another chance.”

“I’ve been feeling well since the beginning of the season, I have been able to play at a very high level. But you never know, tomorrow’s going to be difficult because both Chung and Zverev are young players with great potential. I need to go for it. I feel great and I’m happy to be here again.”

“The court is going to be faster tomorrow, it’ll be cold but it’s going to be better than today. These weather conditions are terrible for us players and for our health. The ball is slower and you have more chances of getting injured. I don’t know Chung but if he wins I’ll watch videos tonight to be ready for tomorrow’s match.”

“The court was very heavy but I saw the percentage of first service wins and it was 86% so I’m obviously very happy about it.”

“Both players [Zverev and Ching] are very young so we’ll see, I’ll have to be ready to play my best tennis. I think I’m playing well but everyday is a different story. I’ll try to do my best, it’s the only way to have a chance of winning.”


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